Hello All! I’m George and I’m a photographer, recipe developer and creator of Pestle & Spice!

Pestle & Spice is dedicated to exploring delicious asian food. Simple right?!

Though saying that, I wouldn’t be doing my namesake justice if I didn’t also occasionally share recipes from cuisines across the world that use spice. So don’t be surprised if you see Middle-eastern, Mexican or even Caribbean recipes thrown in there too.

Sorry, who are you again?

I’m George! And my love affair with food started at a very young age. I still remember one of my earliest memories being one where I waltzed into the kitchen and started to cook up a feast of something because I was hungry.

That was a running theme for the rest of my life. I would either try to recreate my favourite Indian dishes made by my mother, or the dishes from the local restaurants in our hometown in Malaysia. I never really followed a recipe but would go by, memory, taste and to be honest, a whole lot of guess work! 

Throughout this experimentation phase, some of the dishes were just terrible and others were inspired. Looking back now I realise that, although I didn’t know it at the time, the way I experimented with ingredients would be what I would recommend to someone if they were just starting out in cooking themselves. I relied heavily on my taste and senses. I would often put questions to myself like, ‘if I combined this with this, would it taste like this?’ 

This is how I approach my love affair with food even after all these years. The rules are there as a guide, from there on trust what you see, what you feel, what you smell and what you taste.

So what kind of recipes do you have on here?

Growing up in the cultural melting pot that is Malaysia, I grew up loving all kinds of asian food. 

So chances are, you’ll be treated to mouth-watering recipes from across the continent from Japanese, Thai to Indian. I love researching and recreating dishes in its most authentic form. From that point inspiration strikes, and I start to develop either improved versions of those dishes, or just totally new recipes. It is in this culinary creative space that I’m at my happiest!

How are your recipes written out? 

I write all my recipes in an easy to follow step by step format. I try to imagine that if I was cooking this dish for the first time, I would want to know how the recipe is supposed to look like at every stage. As well as a clear and concise recipe method, each recipe includes detailed tips for success so you get the best possible outcome. 

I test all my recipes once, twice and even six times before sharing it with you guys. So rest assured they are researched and developed with love and care. The perfectionist in me would not dare have it any other way!

Hey you’re cool, how can we stay connected?

Aww thanks, that’s really sweet of you! I’d like to stay in touch too. 

You can like Pestle & Spice on Facebook or follow me on YouTube. You can also find me on Instagram and Pinterest. If you have any questions or would like to work with me please contact me here. I’m looking forward to getting to know you.